Lincoln R. Page Professional Development Fund

Lincoln R. Page Development Fund | Lincoln R. Page Bio | Classroom Grant

This fund, named in honor of Lincoln R. Page, will reimburse award winners up to $300 for expenses related to their continuing education in the earth sciences. The award is open to any and all individuals who seek to continue their earth-science education in a manner consistent with the purposes of the Geological Society of New Hampshire. K-12 teachers are especially encouraged to apply. Appropriate expenses would include travel to regional or national earth-science related conferences, course tuition, etc.

Interested applicants should complete a fund application form and mail it to the address below. The fund application form is available in Word and Adobe formats. The application should be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the applicant's school principal, faculty advisor, or employer as appropriate.One award is made per year.

Applications will be considered as they are received, and should be sent to:

Geological Society of New Hampshire
P.O. Box 401
Concord, NH 03302